Let’s talk about sex


I think the most interesting thing about sex is the different levels people care about it. Some people will sleep with anybody they see, some people will have sex with someone after they know them for so long, some people will only have sex if they’re in love, and some people hold out until they’re married. The reason I find this is so odd is because, yes people hold out for moral reasons or self conscious reasons, but why? (I’m not saying I don’t do the same thing) But why do we believe that we should wait until we find someone we love to have sex? In the world, I’d say we are the only animal who believes sex is sacred and think of it as something other than it really is. I do not think anybody is wrong with their beliefs, I can see everyone’s side. I do however find it very interesting that we live in a world where it does mean so much. I guess that same thing could be said about a lot of things in our lives, such as looks, money, and technology. I suppose this is just another part of human psychology I find¬†fascinating.


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