What If?


Every day of my life I seem to have a constant battle in my head.

I want to take the little amount of money I have and run off to Europe and never come back.

I’ll take in all the cultures of the world, working random jobs, and live a life I could never even dream of. Even to do that for a year, I think it would change my life completely.

But then there is the rational side of me. Stay in college, spend your life teaching as you’ve always dreamed and use that money you have saved up to pay off school loans.

I constantly wonder if I can have both. I could teach to children in so many different countries.

I could change their lives.

And mine.

I always tell people that I’m going to join the peace corps if I can’t find a job after graduation. I don’t think they really think I’d do that.

Its my dream. Spend two years in a foreign and most likely developing country teaching children and learning about the world and myself in the most beautiful ways possible.

Everyone always says they want to travel. I know people who go on vacations and can’t wait to go home. I never want to go home.

My ideal life would be traveling around the world being a clean energy activist and changing the world one windmill or solar panel at a time.

If I can’t do that, I will be a plain ordinary teacher in the United States. I’ll be happy and I’ll still travel with my summers off.

But I know I’ll always wonder what if.

What if I spent a year or two traveling Europe, or Africa, or Australia? Would I ever come back?

What if I got the opportunity to teach to other cultures?

What if I lived my dream?

I hope I won’t have to ask.


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