Downward Spiral


Let me start by making something clear. The scenario I am about to create is not representative of me or probably anyone I personally know. I’m lucky enough to have a job where my life is stable and I have access to great healthcare. However, it is a scenario many women will face.

Republicans want to take a way money from planned parenthood. This will lead to low income women not having proper access to birth control. Therefore, more unwanted babies will be conceived to low income families. Then republicans do not want to allow these women to have abortions. Fine. These women again, have no access to healthcare to have the child. Now, so far I’ve talked about women who have probably made choices that have lead them to where they are. I will now start talking about the child. Once the baby is here, he or she will not have healthcare because it is not affordable. This child will be born to a mother who never really wanted the child. This could (maybe) lead to neglect. It almost always will lead to a child without the proper nutrition. Republicans have also recently talked about cutting funds for schools to be able to feed children. CHILDREN who have never ever had the choice for their situation. CHILDREN who will now either have stunted growth physically or of the brain all because of something out of their control. They will tell you it is only a small percentage of money. That is CHILDREN who will starve. That is CHILDREN who will have to beg borrow and steal just to eat enough. All because their parents couldn’t get birth control from a damn reputable company who strives to prevent these situations by providing affordable options.


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