Sometimes you’ve just got to leap.

So many things in life are terrifying and unpredictable. So many things are safer if you stay away.

But is that really living?

If we don’t take that leap of faith on a person or a job or any opportunity, how will be ever be truly happy?

Put yourself in a position where even if you’re not sure, you go for it anyways.

There is nothing more rewarding than going after something that scares you.

If it doesn’t work out, at least you know you gave it everything you had.

18 and naive


Dear 18 year old self,

You finally ended high school. I know you could not wait to get out of there, too many years with the same people. Remember who your true friends are, three of them will still be texting you, snapchatting (you’ll understand in a few years), and being there for you. Don’t take their silence during the semester as they don’t want to see you on breaks. You’ll be the first person they text.

I know you’re in love but in a few years, you’ll realize that even though he’s a great guy, he isn’t the one for you. You’ll learn that once again later in college. Heartbreak sucks. It’ll take a while to get over and you won’t even know who you are. It is okay. You’ll find yourself. You’ll make A LOT of mistakes, don’t regret them. Don’t regret them because you have awful judgmental friends. Right in the prime of your heartbreak- you’ll meet the best friend you’ll ever have. She’ll surprise you, make you laugh, and always be there for dressing up and going out. Always.

Physics is going to suck- don’t worry about it too much. You’ll manage the rest of college just fine. You will eventually get an iPhone! Congrats, enjoy mom’s flip phone after you break your current one. Teaching is where you are supposed to be. Even those days when you’re not sure- you’ll learn soon enough you couldn’t do anything else with your life. Freshman and sophomore year you will have an amazing roommate. Don’t take her for granted, she won’t always be around.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. People will surprise you. You will surprise you.

My most important advice: Live it up. It is over before you know it. It is okay to stay out late, it’s okay the spend that money, its okay to kiss that boy. Don’t regret a thing.

I’m proud of who you are and you are going to love this roller coaster we go through called college.

With love,

You at 22.

Take them as they are.


People are who they are and they want what they want. The only person who can change a person is themselves. Once you realize that, everything is much easier. You’ll stop wasting your time trying to change people and their opinions. You’ll stop getting in their business and giving them advice they never asked for. You have your values and beliefs, what if a friend came into your life and tried to change them? You wouldn’t be very happy. Every person is unique. They are who they are for many reasons. Don’t try to change that. Take them for who they are, not who you think they are or who you want them to be. They aren’t those things anyways. Don’t expect them to change themselves for you or for anyone but themselves. Take people as they are, broken, raw, unique, and beautiful.



I’ve had several situations where it became hard to be friends with someone. It usually is from the past we had, either romantically or some betrayal or trust issue. Sometimes its because of the future. The person or I had different wants and hopes for the future than the other. When things like this happen, it can make a friendship really hard. Its possible the other person doesn’t even know its hard for you. It may not even be difficult for them. There is a point when you really have to sit down and decide if its worth it, if they are worth it. For me, it depends. In high school I found myself not finding it worth the effort. I was immature and too worried about my feelings. When these situations happen now, I realize that I’d much rather have that person in my life than not. No matter what comes with it, I want to be their friend. Good friends are hard to come by, people who truly care about you are hard to find. If I find those people, no matter how difficult it may be, I want their friendship. My advice to people who have to contemplate the same thing I did, think about which is worse, having them in your life or not. Thats what it comes down to. No matter what makes the friendship hard, you’ve got to decide if you’ll be happier with them in your life or not. Some people may not be worth it and thats okay. There are also people you need to realize you cannot lose. Friendship is easy to push it away, holding on is the hard part. But a lot of the time, its worth it. Friendships is one of the most precious things a human can have. Don’t let it go.