This line in this song couldn’t agree more with what I’ve been thinking. I lost faith in love recently. It didn’t work for me. The perfect guy wasn’t perfect for me. I thought if we couldn’t make love work, how could I make it work with anybody? Then I realized something. Our love never ended. It will never end. A part of me will love him for the rest of my life. What I felt and I learned from that relationship is everything. It didn’t last forever. Just because it didn’t work with him, doesn’t mean it won’t work with anyone. I lost my faith in love, but I’ve seen it. I see it when my dad looks at my mom. I see it when my brother talks about his girlfriend. I see it in everyday life. Love is real. Love is beautiful. It doesn’t matter that my relationship didn’t last. I’ll find someone. I’ll find love. I’ve always been a firm believer. I can’t believe I had such a doubt for such a long time. I still believe in the beauty of being alone. But the beauty of love, that is above all else.




Just when I think I get to know someone, I realize I don’t. They do something I consider out of character. And I’m surprised. But that is only because of how I think of them. I don’t know them. I don’t know what their thoughts are. I don’t know what gets them through the day. I don’t know the intricate feelings they have every moment. I know what they let me see. I know the little part of them that they show the world.

I have noticed people have done the same with me. Been disappointed or surprised by me. They don’t know me well enough to know what I think. Nobody does. They see what I show them. I cannot even figure out myself, how can they possibly know who I am?

No matter how close I am with someone, I will never know everything about them. I will never know everything about anyone. I believe there is mystery in that. And beauty. A lot of beauty. We can always learn from each other. We can always learn about each other. The mind is a gorgeous web of thought and feelings and opinions. Most of the time, its going to be nearly impossible to change someone’s mind. Don’t try. Just try to understand their mind. But remember that even when you think you understand someone or know someone, you don’t. You never truly will. And I believe thats wonderful.



I don’t wear a lot of makeup, sometimes none. I wear my hair as it dries, some days I forget to brush it.  My clothes aren’t fancy, most of them are from high school. I rarely wear jewelry, if i do its simple. That’s my version of pretty. There are not enough hours in the day, why would I spend one of them making my hair and face look flawless for just about nobody to notice? Simple is better, less is more. If someone is going to not be my friend because I don’t look perfect everyday, do I even want to be their friend? If a guy doesn’t like me in my yoga pants in class, what will he think of me in sweats and messy hair on a homework Sunday? Don’t get me wrong, I usually always look presentable, I don’t like wearing sweatpants everyday, it makes me feel lazy and not put together. But that’s my choice because of how it makes me feel, not because I want people to think I look good. I believe I get a good number of looks from guys, I don’t need to paint my face with make up and make sure every strand of hair is perfect. I don’t even think they’d think that was attractive. I’m not trying to say looks don’t matter, because we all know they do, even if they shouldn’t. I’m just trying to say my version of beauty is simplicity. I put on the clothes and make up that make me feel good, not the ones that the boys will like the best. I think every girl needs to find a balance that suits them. Dress for yourself. Don’t wear name brands just because other girls are. Don’t wear slutty clothes to catch that boy’s eye if you actually feel really uncomfortable in it. Find out what makes you feel beautiful and never forget that confidence is half the battle.