There is a lot of points in my life that mean different things to me. Days that everything changed, moments where I felt like I finally figured it out.

But nothing will ever compare to Costa Rica.

That trip, I finally found me.

It took a little to realize it and it may have only been in retrospect.

However, that journey taught me more about friendship, independence, love, happiness, and myself more than anything in my life has ever been able to do.

It was a wake up call and a realization that I am my own person.

I have always loved to travel and am so blessed to have seen what I have.

That trip though, it was more than that.

Pura Vida.


Second Chances


I’ve always been someone who forgives, but second chances have always been hard. I have always given people that chance but it never really worked out. The person disappointed me or things were never the same again.

I gave someone a second chance too quickly and it turned out to be the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned in my life.

And here I am, years later, giving them another.

I decided there was no reason not to. The differences I’ve seen in my life over the past years are life changing. I believe that this could be the same for them.

I’ve decided to not look at it as a second chance, but to look at it as a new beginning.




For the longest time growing up, I thought the one for me would find me. I thought he would come to me and I’d never second guess if he was it or not. It wasn’t until I became a little older that I realized I had a say in who I wanted to be with. It wasn’t until I matured that I saw that it was my choice and they had to work to impress me too.

In disney movies, the guy showed up and that was it. But I realized, that’s not how it works.

The guy shows up, you fall in love, and a year or three later, you see he isn’t it.

You see that you have the power to make that choice.



I’ve always believed people can’t change. I’ve always thought that people are who they are and their core doesn’t differ.

But I’ve been proven wrong. I’ve proven myself wrong.

In the last few years, the core of who I am and what I believe, think, and feel are completely new.

I just never realized this until someone I once knew came back into my life.

Who I am, how I think about myself, life, and love have all been altered completely.

I encourage people to take a look back and notice the differences. 

This Place.


It’s never easy leaving this place.

It’s always been a second home to me, all of my family is here.

My cousins and I could be so close if I was here all the time.

Living half way across the country is hard sometimes. However, because we don’t see each other all the time, maybe we do get along better and appreciate each other more.

I’m lucky I have this place to come to and have it feel like home.



Sometimes you’ve just got to leap.

So many things in life are terrifying and unpredictable. So many things are safer if you stay away.

But is that really living?

If we don’t take that leap of faith on a person or a job or any opportunity, how will be ever be truly happy?

Put yourself in a position where even if you’re not sure, you go for it anyways.

There is nothing more rewarding than going after something that scares you.

If it doesn’t work out, at least you know you gave it everything you had.