Homemade is the only way



I cannot get over the homemade chicken noodle soup my mom and I made today. First of all its the most delicious soup I’ve ever tasted. More importantly, besides the debatable flour, this meal is healthy! Unlike the sodium filled ones in the grocery store. Its purely water, chicken, vegetables, spices, and noodles. The noodles are flour, egg, and milk. Seriously how can you go wrong?

After making this soup I thought of all the food we eat in our developed nation and have come to realize we are lazy people who need to learn a thing or two from our ancestors. Everything they ate was organic. Fruits, vegetables, meats, grain. We eat high frutose corn syrup and other high processed and chemical infused foods. Yuck.

I do not understand how the way they always used to eat is now the healthy, expensive, and organic ways to eat.

Sometimes I think I live in the wrong century.