3 1/2 weeks. That is all the time I have left. That is it.

You’re my first students. You’re the reasons I know I am exactly where I need to be. You’ve taught me so much about myself, life, and the crazy crazy world of teaching.

I never thought I’d be so emotional over it, but its finally coming to an end.

I won’t get to see your smiling faces everyday. I won’t get to hear all the “Hi Miss Simpson!”s and I won’t be able to answer all your ridiculous questions anymore.

I won’t get to laugh everyday with you. You guys give me the truest laughs. I will no longer have to yell at you because you’re kids and its Friday afternoon and you’re driving me crazy.

I will miss your energy and how it somehow has rubbed off onto me. I’ve never felt more alive.

Today was probably one of my proudest days so far. The one section that I was worried about with a big test completely rocked it. They did so well and they really really knew what was going on. They finally were able to meet that potential I knew they all had inside of them.

My college supervisor called my lesson fascinating. I cannot imagine a better compliment.

The other day when I explained that I had a job interview, one of you said “but you’re our teacher”. I’m going to miss those sweet things you all say that you don’t even realize are sweet. Those little things you say to let me know you care are priceless.

You will always be my first kids and I will never ever forget you.

Thank you so much. For everything. For every laugh, every frustration, every tear.




This is the craziest week. I have gotten two calls for interviews this week for teaching.

Like for my big kid real life job.

I cannot even wrap my head around it. Student teaching has been a whirlwind and I know without a doubt teaching is where I am supposed to be. However, I cannot believe I’m at this stage in my life.

I just took a moment because I was tearing up with happiness.

All the work I’ve put in. All the sleepless nights, doubts, and mental break downs, they’ve brought me here. If I feel like this now I cannot even imagine how I am going to feel when (if) I get a job.

Every once in a while a student will ask me what my last day is and are generally sad that I won’t be around the whole year. No better feeling than that.

Come back.


Wow, its been so long since I’ve written. I’m blissfully happy in a relationship and quite frankly haven’t needed this blog to sort out my feelings. But I miss writing. I miss sitting down and having no idea what I’m going to say and just end up writing things I didn’t even know I felt. I want to make a come back.

This will probably be a whole lot different than how I wrote in the past. Getting over a break up and finding myself.

I am going to start my journey in the professional world. This time next week, I will have my first official day as a student teacher. Its probably the most exciting, nerve-wracking, incredible feeling I’ve ever had. I cannot believe its finally here. I’ve worked 3 1/2 years for this and its here. The beginning of my adult life is starting in a week.

And I have no idea how to feel about that. 

I hope you come on my journey to find out.