3 1/2 weeks. That is all the time I have left. That is it.

You’re my first students. You’re the reasons I know I am exactly where I need to be. You’ve taught me so much about myself, life, and the crazy crazy world of teaching.

I never thought I’d be so emotional over it, but its finally coming to an end.

I won’t get to see your smiling faces everyday. I won’t get to hear all the “Hi Miss Simpson!”s and I won’t be able to answer all your ridiculous questions anymore.

I won’t get to laugh everyday with you. You guys give me the truest laughs. I will no longer have to yell at you because you’re kids and its Friday afternoon and you’re driving me crazy.

I will miss your energy and how it somehow has rubbed off onto me. I’ve never felt more alive.

Today was probably one of my proudest days so far. The one section that I was worried about with a big test completely rocked it. They did so well and they really really knew what was going on. They finally were able to meet that potential I knew they all had inside of them.

My college supervisor called my lesson fascinating. I cannot imagine a better compliment.

The other day when I explained that I had a job interview, one of you said “but you’re our teacher”. I’m going to miss those sweet things you all say that you don’t even realize are sweet. Those little things you say to let me know you care are priceless.

You will always be my first kids and I will never ever forget you.

Thank you so much. For everything. For every laugh, every frustration, every tear.


Thank you.


I’m pretty stressed about my finals right now. I decided I needed to de-stress. After a few thoughts of unattainable ways to help my stress (and an attainable caramel hot chocolate later), I thought of blogging. No matter what I am feeling, writing always makes me feel better. Whether I’m upset or angry or confused, after I feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. To be honest, I usually have no idea what I am feeling before I start writing. A lot of the time I will start writing with one thought and end with a completely different one. I never really know what I am thinking until I type it out.

I know all my fellow bloggers and writers know exactly what I am talking about. Sometimes you just don’t know what you think or how you feel about something until you really sit down and let all your thoughts come out candidly. Just like a great song with a twist of faith in the last verse, sometimes when you talk yourself through something, you feel differently at the end than you did originally.

Since I started my blog, I have realized what really matters to me and what really doesn’t. I’ve learned that I have a pretty concrete writing style. But I think the most important thing is I’ve seen myself grow. Sometimes I look back on my old blogs. I was an angry and confused person when I started this blog. I started it to get all of that out and figure out what I wanted in life.

I never thought this would last this long. I never thought I’d fall in love with writing about my life and my feelings and my views. But I have.

This is my 50th post. My blog started almost four months ago. I have learned so much about myself and life and how much I’ve grown in these past few months.

I want to thank all of my faithful followers of wordpress and those people who click my links on facebook whenever I post them. I hope you enjoy reading my blog because I truly enjoy writing it and appreciate all those eyes who see it. I hope my words make you think, whether you agree or are completely appalled by what I say, I just hope that its made you sit and think too.

Thank you.